Reasons NOT to Run

reasons to stop runningThis is just a bit of fun really, as it’s only based on a fraction of the database we are building for the Big Running Survey I’m currently conducting along with colleagues at the University of Warwick. But I thought we could take a look at a few simple statistics as we go along, just to keep things interesting whilst we wait for the data collection phase to be completed. So here we go with the top reasons our respondents say they are prevented from running as much as they would like.

In true Family Fortunes style, we asked 100 runners what prevented them from running as much as they’d like… and here are the answers they gave us:

Top 12 reasons we can’t run as much as we’d like

Work    (68 respondents)
Looking after your children    (27)
Injuries, illness or disability    (27)
Looking after the home    (19)
Other sporting activities    (19)
Socialising    (16)
Other hobbies and interests    (11)
Weather    (11)
Study    (7)
Looking after relatives, friends or others (other than your children)    (5)
Financial cost    (4)
Religious observance    (1)


What an ungodly lot we runners are! Just one person out of a hundred has to sacrifice (poor choice of word, perhaps?) their running because of religious observance. Eric Liddel will be spinning in his grave.

Unsurprisingly it’s the daily grind that gets in the way most, with family commitments a distant second (joint with injuries). That seems to suggest that having a child puts a pretty serious dent in your running aspirations, and as a dad myself that doesn’t surprise me at all!

Anyway, this is a very superficial look at just one statistic in isolation. Once more data is in I will have to check whether women are effected more than men by having children… wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s the case.

If you run – at whatever level – and you would like to contribute to the survey we would love to hear your opinions. Please go to the Big Running Survey website to find out how.



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