Big Running Survey

Fell-runners: Part of the community of British runners

Working with colleagues at the University of Warwick I’m currently leading a major new study of runners and running in the UK. The data we have collected will be used to paint a picture of the British running community that’s more detailed and nuanced than anything achieved up to now.

The first stage of this research was a large scale survey that has helped us collect the data we need to identify the different roles running plays in people’s lives, and how their social backgrounds along with factors such as age and gender shape the way they participate. Almost 3,000 people participated, providing an unprecedented level of detail on the running practices and motivations of all kinds of runner.

The second stage was a series of in-depth interviews with selected runners that help give the numbers from the survey greater depth and meaning. I’ve interviewed runners of all types, from once-a-week joggers to international athletes, at every distance from sprints to ultra distance.

These two types of data will be combined in the final analysis, to provide a broad picture of running practice in the UK illustrated by spotlight cases that help us understand why the broad data takes the shapes it does.

Provisional results are coming through regularly and being made available on this site. For more information about this study please contact me.

Commissioning Research

If you need help with your own market or social research please get in touch. My expertise includes survey design, data analysis, secondary research and report writing.