A Brush with Greatness


Last week I went for my usual midweek morning session at Cambridge track and bumped into 100m and 200m T44 world record holder, Richard Browne. Not something that happens everyday, I can assure you. After all, why would an American champion sprinter be training in grey, chilly East Anglia in the middle of November? and why was he being followed around by a TV crew?

Turns out he’s training over here now, working with Johnny Peacock’s former coach, Hayley Ginn. Clearly he’s in great form, with world records tumbling to him over the summer, and he now has his sites set on Rio 2016 and the world championships in London the following year.

My running partner and I had a quick chat with him and he seems like a really nice guy. He was being filmed for Channel 4 news, which went out on Saturday, and afforded me my first athletic appearance on TV – albeit as a tiny stick-man appearing from behind Richard’s knee!

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