About me:

Hello, I’m Neil Baxter, the author of this blog.neil

I’m a social scientist specialising in the sociology of physical culture. I’m also a keen runner. I’ve combined these two interests in my PhD research, for which I’m currently writing up my thesis, which examines running practices across the UK. The project has involved a large scale survey, followed up with a series of interviews. I’m especially interested in the role people’s social background (especially their class, education, age and gender) plays in shaping their cultural tastes, including their relationship with running.

I also write a regular column for Running magazine and contribute to other academic and popular publications, including The Sociologial Review and Trail Running Magazine.

Outside of running and sociology I also run a small business that provides professional and writing skills training. I’m a dad to two little girls, a beekeeper, and an avid reader of history, sociology, philosophy and novels by authors like Kurt Vonnegut, Jim Crace and J.G.Ballard.

About this site:

Runometer is a blog for anyone who is interested in physical culture studies as well as the sociology of sport in general and recreational running in particular. It should also be useful to those interested in sports participation and getting people active and involved in sport. There’s also lots of material around the historical development of running.

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I’m always pleased to hear from others who are interested in understanding more about running, whether from industry, academia or anywhere else. You can reach me via this contact form.