Why we Run: Survey Pilot Complete

I’ve been very quiet on the blog for the last few months as I’ve been finalising and piloting cropped-runometer-logo.gifthe survey that is a major part of my PhD research project into the British running scene, as well as writing the first drafts of two chapters of my thesis.

At last though, the pilot data has been collected and analysed, the survey tool has been tweaked and it’s now ready to be sent out into the big wide world to seek its fortune, hopefully shedding new light on the motivations and practices around running, and describing the hidden factors that impact peoples’ relationships to the sport. Hopefully the responses will start coming in over the next few days.

The pilot went extremely well, with over 50 people responding. That’s 20 more than I needed, but only a fraction of what I’ll require for the full survey. The good thing is that – as expected – fellow runners have been extremely helpful in passing the survey on to friends and running partners, and many are keen to participate.

Over the coming weeks I will be contacting running groups, clubs, race organisers and institutions to see if they would be kind enough to help raise awareness of the survey. I’ll also be taking to social media to see what kind of response that can generate.

I’ll be posting regularly now, with updates and findings as they come through.

The final survey is available now, at www.bigrunningsurvey.co.uk. If you run I would love to hear from you!

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