Primary Research

One of the purposes of this site is to provide access to the findings of my academic research into running culture.primary research

I am currently analysing the data from a major survey completed by over 2,500 runners. The results will offer an unparalleled depth of coverage of practices, attitudes and motivations around running. Eventually I will be able to map out the different ways the sport is practised in the UK, and how differences in people’s social backgrounds influence how they engage with the sport.

I hope the study will be of use to all kinds of individuals and organisations involved in the infrastructure and promotion of running, as well as being of interest to runners themselves.

Results are coming through and being made available on this site. For more information about this study please contact me.

Commissioning Research

If you need help with your own market or social research please get in touch. My expertise includes survey design, data analysis, secondary research and report writing.