The Starting Gun

This is the first post on my new website, I’ll be updating the site with lots of material relating to the psychology and sociology of running at regular intervals, but this is a marathon, not a sprint (sorry) so expect new content on a weekly rather than a daily basis.start of a marathon project

A big reason for starting this site is to have somewhere to publish details of progress on my PhD research into runners and running, along with interim and the final findings as they are completed. I am developing a large scale and detailed survey of British runners that will improve our understanding of the psychographic characteristics of the community as a whole.

Another reason behind setting this up is to begin to compile a single source of information on sociological and psychological running research. This site is all about drawing the best and most rigorous research in the field together in one place, creating a touchstone site for industry and academia alike.

But that’s a long way – and a lot of post – down the road. I’m looking forward to the journey, and hope you will join me on it. If you’re interested to see what happens next, please subscribe!

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