Top 8 reasons to stop running

What – if anything – would stop you from running?reasons to stop running

A survey of frequent runners identified these 8 reasons as the things most likely to cause them to have to stop.

Interestingly, apart from items 3 and 4 which are both about motivation, the sequence is exactly the same for both frequent and occasional runners, although occasional runners rate all of the reasons as more likely to force them to stop than their keener counterparts. The percentages give the frequent runners’ response rate in red, occasional runners’ in blue).

Top 8 reasons why runners would give up their sport

  1. Injury or physical disability (73% / 83% of respondents agreed)

  2. Less free time available for running (31% / 58%)

  3. Loss of motivation (29% / 48%)

  4. Wanting to spend time doing other sports instead (21% / 52%)

  5. Running partner stops (8% / 16%)

  6. Financial cost of running too great (8% / 16% )

  7. Break-up of running group (8% / 12%)

  8. Departure of coach (4% / 6%)

On average we can see that frequent runner rate themselves as 40% less likely to quit in the face of setbacks or difficulties than occasional runners.

And only physical injury or disability rate as sufficient reason to stop running for most serious runners. No surprise there.

Data from Scheerder et al (2009) quoted in Borger et al (2015), in Scheerder et al (2015).

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